Biomass Research

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Company Introduction

Biomass Research is a dynamic research and consulting firm devoted to the development, analysis and evaluation of bioenergy and biobased production. We combine a strong background in scientific research, a pragmatic approach, an energetic attitude and a clear analytical view.

Biomass Research focuses on research and advice on the development and evaluation of biobased and bioenergy production.

Our activities include:

  1. land use change assessments
  2. biomass and residue inventarisation
  3. carbon debt analysis
  4. market analysis and chain development
  5. sustainability evaluation and certification advice
  6. decentral bioenergy production development

Biomass Research involved in numerous international projects at all levels, working with farmers, private companies, NGO’s, ministries and international organisations (European Commission, FAO, IEA Bioenergy). 

Some of our clients include:

  1. IEA Bioenergy
  2. Food industry
  3. European Commission
  4. Ministry of Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (NL)
  5. Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
  6. Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency (PBL)
  7. Wageningen University and Research Centre                                  

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide good quality data to the public, scientists and policy makers. We produce a range of papers, books, posters, reports and peer-reviewed articles on agricultural systems, sustainable biomass production and conversion to bioenergy.

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