Top 15 Companies Affiliated with Renewable Energy in Australia

Top 15 Companies Affiliated with Renewable Energy in Australia

Top 15 Companies Affiliated with Renewable Energy in Australia

As much as the environment and surroundings of Australia are green, so is the renewable energy they are producing. Last year, the continent achieved its 2020 target of producing 23.5% and 33 TWh renewable energy. Government Energy Policy encouraged this growth of renewable energy in Australia as a response to climate change, energy independence as well as uplift the economy.

Renewable energy in Australia is already increased by 2.2 GW across 34 projects. This audacious addition lends about 24% of electricity generation in the whole of Australia.

At the end of last year, 11.1 GW of new generation projects went underway. The project's budget is considered to be 20.4 billion. This project won't just produce renewable energy but also has lent more than 14,500 jobs for people. Win-Win situation for both people and the environment.

Furthermore, Australia has targeted to produce greater 40% renewable energy sources by 2030. Target achievement of 2020 must-have inspired Australia. Many states of Australia have already committed to this target. Queensland, Victoria, and the Northern Territory are some of the committed states.

With that being said, let's look into some of the most important renewable energy companies in Australia. All of the companies work mainly in Biomass, Bio-energy, Bio-fuels, and Solar as well as Wind energy. These companies have been researching and working to produce renewable energy. They are not just working for renewable energy but rather are working for making the world a better clean energy-consuming place.

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What are the major sources of renewable energy in Australia?

Wind Power, Hydro Electricity, Solar PV, Heat Pumps, Geothermal, Wave, and Solar thermal energy all contribute to generating renewable energy in Australia.

Hydro Power supplies 25.7% of Australia's renewable energy. That is exactly 6.2% of continents' whole electricity generation. Hydro Power supplies were the leading clean energy source in Australia but this time around Wind Energy sits on the throne.

Wind Energy generated 35% of Australia's renewable energy. The ongoing drought in the east region may be the reason behind the loss of generation in Hydro Power. However, Solar and Wind Energy covered it all up.

Small-scale solar generated 22.3%, Large-scale Solar 9.3%, Bio-Energy generated 6%, as well as Medium-scale Solar, generated 1.3% of renewable energy in Australia. However, Australia still generates more electricity from fossil fuels than renewable. 76% of electricity is generated from fossil fuel while 24% of electricity is generated from renewable annually.

The government is chasing ways to change the stats. Meanwhile, various companies are also working on renewable energy in Australia. With no furthermore to do, let's get into these amazing top 15 renewable energy companies in Australia.

List of Australian Renewable Energy Companies

1. Acciona Australia

Acciona Australia works in sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy. The company has invested more than 1 Billion through project development and local investment opportunities.

The company generates 100% clean energy. Their motive is simply to fight climate change creating a sustainable environment. Not just this but the company also builds resilient infrastructure for a sustainable future.

Acciona ensures to access water for millions of people and is currently running more than 20 projects regarding Water and renewable energy. The company has even connected the grid to the biggest PV plant in Australia. Their Legacy Way tunnel also won the top infrastructure award in Australia.

Let's not forget to mention, Acciona partnered with National Geographic in 2016 to fight against climate change. Aciona is still looking into more sustainable solutions that wouldn't violate nature in any way. For their achievement and works done regarding sustainability, the company deserves much more than praises and top positions.

  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarter: Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
  • Number of employees: More than 1,000
  • Projects: More than 20 Water and Energy
  • Sector: Biomass, Bio-Energy, Bio-Fuels, and Wind Energy
  • Specialities: Construction, Concessions, Water, Services, and Energy
  • Significant Facts: Sydney Light Rail, Geo Tech Acquisition, 100% eco-powered electric rally car, Biggest PV Plant in Australia as well as The Tunnel Of Time
  • Website:

2. Infigen

Infigen generates and retails clean electricity in Australia. It is one of the largest companies to generate renewable energy in Australia. The company provides Australian businesses with firm supplies of clean energy.

More than 95% of the generated electricity at Infigen is renewable. The company targets to make it 100% in the near future. They mainly provide clean electricity to manufacturers, food and beverage processors, telecommunication providers, building and construction companies, universities, local councils, EV charging stations, and utilities as well as to other commercial enterprises.

Infigen has its own Wind globe at various locations. Alinta Wind Farm, Bodangora Wind Farm, Capital Wind farm, Lake Bonney Wind Farm, Woodlawn Wind Farm are some of their Wind Farms. Plus they also own Smithfield Open Cycle Gas Turbine, South Australia Battery, as well as South Australia Gas Turbines. This makes Infigen one of the largest renewable energy companies in Australia.

  • Founded: April 29, 2003
  • Headquarter: Sydney, Australia
  • Number of Employees: 50-100
  • Sector: Solar and Wind Energy
  • Specialities: Business Electricity, Carbon Solutions, Renewable Energy
  • Significant Facts: Smithfield Open Cycle Gas Turbine, South Australia Battery, South Australia Gas Turbines
  • Website:

3. Australian Hydrogen Generation

Australian Hydrogen Generation is a subsidiary of Amtronics which was established in October 2006. The company provides and installs equipment and machines that produce clean Green Hydrogen.

The company claims its machines and equipment can transform a business. With their equipment, a business can create its own Hydrogen to fulfil the needs of business and transport.

They believe they have the solutions to convert your fleet of buses, trucks, or Farm Equipment into Hydrogen. The company first installed its Hydrogen System in 2013. Today they install and maintain Hydrogen generation units in the whole of Australia as well as New Zealand.

Today, the company provides three equipment; Hydrogen and Oxygen generators, Purification Systems as well as Compression and storage.

  • Founded: October 2006, Subsidiary of Amtronics
  • Headquarter: Sydney, Australia
  • Sector: Biomass, Biofuel, and Bio-energy
  • Specialities: Hydrogen Generation Solutions
  • Significant Facts: Purifications Systems, Compression, and Storage, Hydrogen and Oxygen Generators
  • Website:

4. Goldwind Australia

Goldwind Australia is committed to innovating for a brighter future. The company is a subsidiary of Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology. It offers wind power solutions.

Investment, construction, and operational as well as maintenance services are also provided by the company. The company also provides R&D, Project development, turbine manufacturing, project management, and after-sales services.

The company is also exploring ways to combine wind power with other forms of renewable energy in Australia. This is the reason why the company is developing more wind and solar power generation, smart micro-grids, energy savings, and technical as well as operational solutions.

Not just this, but the company is also working on cost-effective wind power projects. They are working to develop sustainable and balanced environments across the globe.

  • Founded: 2009
  • Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia
  • Sector: Solar and Wind Energy
  • Specialities: Wind Energy, Smart-micro grids, energy savings, and technical as well as operational solutions
  • Significant Facts: Cross border Investment Awards, Twice Selected in MIT Technology review's 50 most innovative companies
  • Website:

5. FinnBiogas

FinnBiogas works in making simple sustainable solutions. It transforms Australia's waste into renewable energy. They provide tailored renewable energy and waste solutions.

The company targets mainly sectors such as agriculture, government, energy, wastewater, and universities. It only designs and builds projects that are based on sound engineering judgment. This helps them to provide smart and sustainable business solutions.

FinnBiogas's motive is to help in creating a cleaner future. It believes that the business society and mother nature can co-exist. This is why they are working to make good use of waste that degrades the environment. Today, FinnBiogas just not provides renewable energy in Australia but also in Asia and Costa-Rica.

  • Founded: 2017
  • Headquarter: Sumner, Queensland, Australia
  • Projects: Poultry Waste Biogas Plant, Biogas Plant Commissioning, red Meat Biogas Plant Feasibility, Wastewater Treatment Plant, as well as Food Waste Pilot Plant Design
  • Sector: Biogas, Bio-fuels as well as Bio-energy
  • Specialities: Producing Biogas, WasteWater treatment, Project Assessment, Biogas engineering design as well as Construction Project management and plant health monitoring
  • Significant Facts: Biogas Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant at various locations
  • Website:

6. Tilt Renewables

Tilt Renewables looks beyond today and pursues a sustainable future. The company aims to be a leading developer and owner of renewable energy in Australia.

Their plan is simple, doubling their current operating renewable generation capacity over the next five years. Today Tilt renewables have 7 operational wind farms and 13 are being developed.

The only thing they do is generate clean Solar energy and wind energy. Tilt renewable hope to build a better sustainable future for tomorrow.

  • Founded: 2016
  • Headquarter: Melbourne
  • Number of Employees: More than 1,961
  • Projects: 20 Wind Farm across Australia
  • Sector: Wind Energy and Solar Energy
  • Specialities: Wind energy and Solar Energy
  • Website:

7. Australian Renewable Fuels

Australian Renewable Fuels (ARfuels) produces Biodiesel. It is Australia's largest Biodiesel producer and has an annual production capacity of 150 million litres. The main aim of the company is to be Australia's first choice for Biodiesel and contribute to renewable energy in Australia.

The company produces high-quality Biodiesel with a commitment to environmental sustainability. It is also the only public-listed bio-diesel entity as well as a national biodiesel company in Australia.

Currently, ARfuels owns and operates in three plants throughout Australia. The plants are located in Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia respectively. The plant turns waste cooking oil into quality diesel. These Bio-diesels are lower in toxins and greenhouse gas emissions when compared to normal diesel.

This contributes to the sustainability of the environment as well as contributes to maintaining the workflow in various sectors. ARfuels even got enlisted on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in May 2005.

  • Founded: May 2005
  • Headquarter: Australia
  • Sector: Biofuel
  • Specialities: Producing Biodiesel
  • Significant Facts: Selling Wholesale biodiesel into the Australian Market, retail duel distributions, mine operators, rail transport operations
  • Website:

8. WestWind Energy

WestWind Energy uses clean energy and sustainable innovation to bring light into people's lives. The company provides clean electricity through Wind Farms.

The company is basically a wind farm developer. It works on developing, constructing, operating as well as management of wind farms. WestWind Energy contributes via developing cost-effective renewable energy in Australia as well as storage solutions.

The company runs on its cohesive core values; Passion, HIgh Standards, Sustainability, Respect, Teamwork as well as Health and Safety.

  • Founded: 2005
  • Headquarter: Victoria, Australia
  • Projects: 5 Wind Farms
  • Sector: Wind and Solar energy
  • Specialities: Providing Wind Energy through Wind farms
  • Significant Facts: Planted 5 wind farms in various sites throughout Australia
  • Website:

9. Biogass Renewables

Biogass Renewables is an Australian energy company that works on converting organic waste into biofuel. It mainly provides its services to commercial, industrial, resources, and public infrastructure sectors by building mature-technology, site-specific anaerobic digestion plants.

It can make energies from commercial food, agricultural, or manufacturing operations. Supermarkets, kitchen, dairy, vegetable, abattoir, fishery waste, grain, and legume surplus as well as ordinary garden waste all fall under things that can be converted.

With this energy in use, you can avoid transport and electric costs for waste disposal as well as avail benefit from it. You can even power vehicles and equipment with this Biogas renewable energy.

Biogass Renewables is a member of the Australian Organics Recycling Association. This organization is also committed to supporting Australian Organic Recyclers that can increase renewable energy in Australia as well as build a sustainable environment.

  • Projects: Jandakot Bioenergy Plant, Grain Milling AD facility, Mount Alexander Sustainability group waste to the feasibility study, Delorean energy and facility, Dryholme AD facility
  • Sector: Biogas, Biofuel, Bio-energy
  • Specialities: Producing Biogas from organic waste
  • Website:

10. CWP Renewables

CWP Renewables is a renewable energy company in Australia that believes in investing in a sustainable future. The company innovates in the renewable energy development sector and is part of the PostScriptum Group.

The renewable energy company in Australia deals with finding the site to operate a wind farm. It also provides long-term operational asset management services. The company has already displaced over 3 million tons of carbon-dioxide emissions. This helps to fight against climate change and the greenhouse effect.

The main motive of the company is to improve the environment and future generation by providing clean electricity and energy at a low cost.

  • Founded: 2008
  • Headquarter: Newcastle, Australia
  • Projects: Grassroots Renewable Energy Platform, Sapphire Hybrid Energy Hub, Asian Renewable Energy Hub, Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm
  • Sector: Wind Energy and Solar Energy
  • Specialities: Renewable energy Development
  • Significant Facts: Successfully delivered projects throughout Europe and Australia
  • Website:

11. Tam Faragher And Associates Project Group

Tam Faragher And Associates Project Group (TFA) provides a one-stop-shop solution for everyone. The company provides complete service and has worked on a broad range of projects.

TFA Project Group was even engaged by Shell to document standards for all shell service stations as well as car wash buildings throughout Australia. Furthermore, the company has commissioned over 1000 service stations in Australia.

The company's fuel system has been seen as a success and is used for refuelling systems in commercial airports and marinas. It also provides service to Australian Defense Forces.

  • Founded: 1995
  • Headquarter: Brisbane, Australia
  • Projects: Retail Fuel and Convenience, Downstream Oil Industry, Renewable energy, Industrial, Commercial, as well as beverage Plants
  • Sector: Biofuel
  • Specialities: Project management, Design Documentation, Town Planning, Engineering, Construction, Dangerous Goods Consultants
  • Significant Facts: Worked with the likes of Puma, Caltex, Leighton, bhpbilliton, Woolworths as well as many more.
  • Website:

12. Epuron

Epuron has been working on producing clean electricity through Wind energy and Solar energy. The company is wholly Australian owned and its success is justified by various projects completed throughout Australia.

The company has developed the highest yielding wind farm, the largest wind farm, the largest number of wind farms, and the largest number of wind turbines. It doesn't hold on to this but rather extends in providing solar energy, off-grid power, and Development services.

In development services, they provide clients with Resource monitoring and assessment, development services, Pre-construction services, and Technical Commercial Management.

The company generates 4 Thousand Megawatts of Wind energy and is one of the leading providers of renewable energy in Australia.

  • Founded: 2003
  • Headquarter: New South Wales, Australia
  • Projects: More than 26 Projects in Wind Energy and Solar energy
  • Sector: Wind Energy and Solar Energy
  • Specialities: Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Off-grid Power, Development Services
  • Significant Facts: Produces 4000 Megawatts Wind Energy, One of the leading renewable energy companies in Australia
  • Website:

13. GEM Energy Australia

GEM Energy Australia helps in the installation of big and small solar setups. The company has quickly gained fame with their excellent quality of work.

The company gives its services not just to the organization, business, and other big sectors but for homes as well. They always embrace new technologies within renewable energy in Australia.

Other companies supply pre-designed solar energy systems but GEM Energy design specific designs according to needs, location, and size. This very well may be the company's X Factor to quick growth.

The company also won the Sunwiz Award for Best Solar Installer in Australia as well as for Commercial in 2019.

  • Founded: 2013
  • Headquarter: Darwin, Australia
  • Projects: More than 5 Thousand Projects Completed
  • Sector: Wind Energy and Solar Energy
  • Specialities: Installing Solar Farm, a renewable energy consultancy, Photovoltaic engineering, electrical engineering, energy efficiency audits, financial feasibility analysis
  • Significant Facts: Sunwiz Award for Best Solar Installer, Sunwiz Award for Best Solar Installer in Commercial
  • Website:

14. Veolia Australia

Veolia's motive is to face the challenges of urbanization, consumerism, and fight against climate change. They develop and build innovative models that support both growths as well as contribute to sustainability.

The company believes that water, waste, and energy all can be recovered. They mainly work in converting waste into energy and wastewater into new water supplies.

Their aim is straight forward. It is to improve people's lives whilst preserving the environment. Also, their mission is to come up with creative solutions for sustainable environments.

  • Founded: 1993
  • Headquarter: Sydney, Australia
  • Number of Employees: 179,000 Worldwide
  • Sector: Biofuel, Bio-Energy, Bio-gas
  • Specialities: Water Services, Energy Services, Waste Management
  • Significant Facts: 18 Awards Till this date
  • Website:

15. Green Power CO

Green Power Co supplies, engineers, and installs Quality Grid connect and off Grid Power Solutions. The company works on Solar energy, Hybrid, and Off-grid battery systems, Hydronic Heating system, and Hot Water Systems.

Besides all this, the company also works in Battery system projects as well as in Remote Power Systems. The company has completed various projects throughout Australia.

They believe in keeping the environment sustainable by providing clean energy to people. renewable energy in Australia is not just cheap but also contributes a lot to nature and future generations.

  • Founded: 2008
  • Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia
  • Sector: Solar Energy
  • Projects: Many Solar Farms installed throughout Australia
  • Specialities: Solar Power, Hybrid And Off Grid Battery System, Hydronic Heating, Hot Water
  • Website:

How much of Australia's energy is produced by renewable energy companies in Australia?

Photo by Ethan Ou on Unsplash

In 2019, 55,093 GWh of electricity was produced by renewable energy in Australia. This is 24% of the total amount of electricity generated in the whole of Australia.

Energy Sources

Energy Generated (GWh)


19,525 GWh


14,430 GWh

Small Solar

12,455 GWh

Large Solar

5,495 GWh


3,576 GWh

Above is the table that shows the renewable electricity generated in Australia, 2019. Wind Energy generated 19,525 GWh, Hydro Power generated 14,430 GWh, Small-Solar Farm generated 12,445 GWh, Large Solar Farm generated 5,495 GWh and Bio-energy generated 3,576 GWh.

The statistics show there are 3.83 million small-scale renewable installations. 1.27 million solar and heat pump water heaters, 424 wind systems, as well as 18 hydro systems, are there to generate renewable energy in Australia to this date. More installations are to be done in future projects.

All this is according to the Clean Energy Council's published report.

Renewable energy Consumption in Australia

Overall 378.7 PJ of renewable energy was generated in 2018. This accounted for 6.2% of the energy used 6,146 PJ in Australia.

Only, 2% of total Australian energy production comes from renewable energy. Likewise, 5% of primary energy and 7% of electricity is added to it.

Although Australia has the highest average solar radiation per meter, solar energy produces less than 2% of renewable energy in Australia. Or else, we can say 0.1% of the total energy consumption.

This is according to the report published by Parliament of Australia.


Australia is one of the few countries that is chasing on producing and using 100% renewable energies. South Australia is expecting to achieve this height by 2030.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

The country is putting a big fight against climate change. Australia is one of the greenest countries when it comes to landscapes and they are trying to be the greenest in terms of energy also.

They are implementing and pursuing new plans and projects to generate more renewable energy in Australia. Every country should be inspired by looking at Australia and follow the same path.

Now recapping, here is the list of Top 15 Renewable Energy Company in Australia:

1) Acciona Australia

2) Infigen

3) Australian Hydrogen Generation

4) Goldwing Australia

5) FinnBiogas

6) Tilt Renewables

7) Australian Renewable Fuels

8) WestWind energy

9) Biogass renewables

10) CWP renewables

11) TFA Project Group

12) Epuron

13) GEM Energy Australia

14) Veolia

15) Green Power CO

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