Top 15 Companies associated with Renewable Energy in Norway [Updated 2021]

Top 15 Companies associated with Renewable Energy in Norway [Updated 2021]

Top 15 Companies associated with Renewable Energy in Norway [Updated 2021]

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Norway is not just the land of Great Vikings but an island of renewable energy also. The country’s 99 percent of the electricity is produced through renewable sources. Therefore, making them the pioneers when it comes to the utilization of renewable energy sources. Let's not forget to mention that Norway is the world’s seventh-largest hydropower nation as well as the largest hydropower nation in all of Europe. No wonder why the scenario of renewable energy in Norway is the pinnacle.

Furthermore, the usage of homegrown electricity has increased in line with modernization as well as economic growth in Norway. Therefore, the country is leading the charge in a sustainable future. Since the late 1800s, Norway has harvested energy from renewable sources.

Norway’s main asset is its hydropower when it comes to generating clean energy. However, many renewable energy companies in Norway are working tremendously to develop other renewables as well as the technology to make them work. Furthermore, these companies have pioneer technologies when it comes down to solar power, floating offshore wind well as energy storage, and many others.

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Similar to other countries, Norway’s goal is also to keep greenhouse gas emissions as minimal as possible whilst availing every possible fruit of their renewable energy sources. However, to fully achieve the climate change targets of the Paris Agreement, more production and utilization of renewable energy is thus essential. 

Currently, there are many Renewable Energy Companies in Norway that are dedicatedly working towards achieving this goal. Furthermore, Norway's renewable energy percentage has been drastically increased by the effort of these companies as well as the country’s Hydropower capability. Nonetheless, the country’s drive towards a cleaner and greener future is constantly accelerating as well as diversifying.

What are the major sources of renewable energy in Norway?

Norway is enriched with renewable energy sources, especially when it comes to hydropower. Furthermore, major sources of renewable energy in Norway are Wind Power, Thermal Power, Solar Power while Hydropower’s the chief. 

In the year 2013, the country produced 134 TeraWatt hours (TWh) of electricity. If calculated, one TWh is equal to one billion KiloWatt hours (kWh). Hydropower contributed the largest to gain this number by harvesting 129 TWh of electricity. Thermal Power takes second place by producing 3.3 TWh of electricity. Wind Power generated the least with just 1.9 TWh of electricity.

Moreover, Hydropower generates 133 TWh of electricity on average every year.

Furthermore, there are a total of 1500 hydropower plants that are located from north to south of the country. These plants cover over 60 percent of Norway’s overall energy needs. However, many new hydropower plants are coming online in Norway. Recently, a company named Lyse opened Lysebotn 2 hydropower plant that is technologically advanced and can generate enough energy to supply over 75000 households each year. Similarly, it can adapt to the power market as it evolves.

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The country’s wind power production covers only a small segment thereby contributing a little less to Norway’s renewable energy percentage. However, the developments have come faster than expected. At the end of 2018, the country had installed wind power plants worth 1695 MegaWatt (MW) as well as had 33 wind farms at the end of 2017. Therefore, it results in total annual production of 5.3 TWh of electricity production. 

Furthermore, Statkraft, one of the renewable energy companies in Norway is constructing a new wind power facility. It comprises six wind farms and has a total capacity of 1000 MW. Therefore, it will harvest 3400 GigaWatt hour (GWh) of electricity annually. This nearly doubles Norway's installed capacity as well as will be Europe's largest Wind power facility. Similarly, another company Equinor plans to build Hywind Tampon that will be the world’s first floating offshore wind farm to power oil as well as gas platforms. The company plans to use 11 of its 8MW wind turbines. Therefore, it will reduce around 20,000 metric tons of C02 emissions annually. 

The contribution of Solar Power to Renewable energy in Norway is very less or to say none. Well, this scenario is changing really soon. The country lacks empty land spaces to install solar farms but they are planning to generate solar energy on the surface of the water. Norway’s idea is to install floating solar panels on hydropower reservoirs where a large amount of water is collected. Ocean Sun, a company specializing in floating solar has already developed a floating solar solution that consists of silicon solar modules. These floating solar solutions will be delivered to Statkraft’s Banja reservoir in Albania, Norway. 

When it comes down to Thermal Power, it has a reasonable share of Norway’s renewable energy percentage. Thermal power production peaked during 2010 with around generation of 5.6 TWh of energy. However, since 2012, the thermal power production has stayed between 3.3 to 3.6 TWh. In 2018, thermal power covered 2.4 percent of the total of Norway’s electricity production. Currently, Norway has 32 thermal power plants with a capacity of 1108 MW. For the past few years, their energy generation has stayed stable at 3.4 TW.

List of Top 15 Renewable Energy Companies in Norway

We have handpicked the top 15 renewable energy companies in Norway that have done a great job when it comes to the share of Norway's renewable energy percentage. Let’s get some more info about these top renewable companies.

1. Statkraft

Statkraft is leading the shift to renewable energy. The company works with Wind power, Solar power, District Heating, Gas Power, Biomass as well as Hydropower. Currently, Statkraft is the largest owner as well as the operator of onshore wind power assets in whole Nordic countries.

Furthermore, they have developed solar power assets in India and the Netherlands. The company plans on growing solar portfolios globally. Similarly, the company only uses excess heat to heat as well as cool buildings. Moreover, Statkraft owns four-gas fired power plants, two of which are in cold reserves. 

Moreover, they generate green energy by thermally recycling used wood at their biomass cogeneration plants in Germany. Nonetheless, Statkraft is the largest hydropower producer in Europe and ranks in the top ten worldwide. The company is totally owned by the Norwegian state.

Statkraft develops as well as operates renewable energy assets, purchases as well as sells energy. Furthermore, they invest 100 percent of their growth entirely in renewables. The company has been making clean energy possible for over a century as well as continue to lead the way towards a carbon-free future. For their customers, the company provides physical as well as financial energy solutions thereby enabling a profitable transition to green.

Furthermore, Statkraft has played a vital in promoting and producing renewable energy in Norway whilst being one of the top renewable energy companies in Norway.

  • Founded: 1895
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: 4,000 employees in 17 countries
  • Projects: Various uncountable projects completed
  • Sector: Bioenergy, Biomass, Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydropower, Gas Power
  • Specialties: District Heating supply, hydropower assets, wind power assets, solar power assets, gas as well as biomass assets 
  • Significant Feats: Operates in 17 countries, Largest owner as well as the operator of onshore wind power assets in whole Nordic countries, developed solar power assets in India and the Netherlands, owns four-gas fired power plants, largest hydropower producer in Europe, and ranks in the top ten worldwide.
  • Website:


2. EcoHZ

At first, the company was named Enviro Energi and was established in 2002. Leif Hegna and John Ravlo were supported by nine Norweigian power companies to establish the company. Home Capital AS later acquired a majority stake in 2017. Therefore, the name was changed to EcoHZ.

 EcoHZ works to help you consume renewable energy as well as create new ones. The company dedicates its own deep knowledge as well as a can-do attitude to help its customers change their energy behavior. They believe that Origin Matters because documenting origin is the only way an individual can ensure renewable henry consumption.

The company simply supports sustainable energy behavior. They choose implements as well as document customer's energy behavior. Furthermore, they offer global renewable energy solutions to organizations, businesses as well as electricity providers. They can provide renewable electricity from a wide range of sources, regions, and qualities.

EcoHz achieved a portfolio of more than 50 TWh renewable energy in 2018 that made the company one of Europe’s largest independent suppliers. Furthermore, the portfolio includes Guarantees of Origin from more than 200 power plants that are based on fixed supplier agreements with over 20 power producers. Renewable electricity generated from hydropower, wind power, bioenergy, solar power as well as geothermal energy is all in the portfolio of the company. 

Moreover, EcoHZ provides an innovative additional solution that combines renewable energy purchases with the financing as well as the building of new renewable power generation. EcoHZ is one of the leading independent suppliers in Europe as well as has offices in Norway as well as in Switzerland. The company still plays an active role in its current energy transition through its vision of changing energy behavior. 

  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: 18 employees
  • Projects: various uncountable projects completed 
  • Sector: Hydropower, wind power, bioenergy, solar power as well as geothermal energy
  • Specialties: Energy Attribute Certificates, Guarantees of Origin, International RECs, Renewable Energy Certificates, Power Purchase Agreement
  • Significant Feats: 50 Twh renewable energy portfolio in 2018, Guarantees of Origin from more than 200 power plants, fixed agreements with over 20 power producers, One of the leading independent suppliers in Europe, Norway, and Switzerland
  • Website:


3. Ocean Sun

Ocean Suns work regarding floating power systems with solar panels mounted on a thin hydroelastic membrane. Therefore, it offers a unique solution to the world’s energy needs. Similarly, their technology offers renewable energy at a world-beating cost level. Their floating solar power systems have a water body’s cooling effect that lowers the solar panel’s operating temperature thereby increases their power output whilst making them very cost-friendly.

Furthermore, the company’s patented technology is based on a thin polymer membrane that can make customized PV modules float. Nevertheless, Ocean Suns systems have subsequently been selected for larger-scale projects by Statkraft at the Banja hydropower reservoir in Albania. Not to forget also by EN technologies at Saemangeum in South Korea.

Their partnership with GCL System Integration delivers the capacity to manufacture the specifically adapted dual-glass modules in large quantities. Combining this with lean design as well as higher PV yields, it enables their systems to rapidly deploy as well as to deliver the best Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in the industry.

Furthermore, Ocean Suns own an IPR portfolio that includes numerous patents as well as patent applications in all major markets. They don’t manufacture components but rather offer license agreements whereby developers, as well as independent power producers, are granted rights to deploy their technologies for their projects. 

Moreover, they claim their engineering team is accomplished from ideation as well as innovation through user insights as well as product development, analysis, product testing, volume manufacturing, installation, operations as well as maintenance. Last but not least, they believe they offer the best floating PV solutions in the industry.

  • Founded: 2016
  • Headquarter: Wideroevein, Norway
  • No of employees: 1-10 employees sized in LinkedIn
  • Projects: Banja, Magat, Kyrholmen, Skafta, DNV GL Test Site, Johor Straits
  • Sector: Solar Power
  • Specialties: Floating Solar Systems, Double Keder, Bilge Pumps, Mooring, Inverters, buoyancy ring, transformer
  • Significant Feats: IPR Portfolio, Partnership With GCL and Statkraft, best  LCOE floating solar power systems
  • Website:


4. Scatetc Solar

In simple words, Scatetc Solar is a frontrunner in renewable energy. Furthermore, the company develops, builds, owns, operates as well as maintains power plants across emerging markets. Moreover, the company is a leading independent renewable power producer, delivering affordable, rapidly deployable as well as sustainable clean energy worldwide. 

Currently, Scatetc has an installation track record of more than 1.6 gigawatts (GW). Similarly, the company has a total of 1.9 GW in operation as well as under construction on four continents. Furthermore, the company has a global presence as well as is targeting a capacity of 4.5 GW in operation as well as under construction by end of 2021. However, the company is currently listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘SSO’.

Scatetc's vision is to improve everyone's future. Furthermore, their mission is to deliver competitively as well as sustainable solar energy globally, to protect our environment as well as to improve quality of life through innovative integration of reliable technology.

  • Founded: 2007
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: Over 335 employees in 14 countries
  • Projects: Various projects accomplished across 14 different countries
  • Sector: Solar Energy 
  • Specialties: Solar Plant Build up, Solar PV modules, Operation of large-scale solar plants and more
  • Significant Feats: Built 50 MW solar plant that contained over 160,000 solar PV, Acquired SN Power in October 2020, 1584 MW in operation, Powers 1292k Homes, 1655 GWh generated in 2019
  • Website:

5. Nel ASA

Nel ASA has been a pioneer in renewable hydrogen for nearly a century now. The company’s mission is to deliver optimal solutions to produce, store as well as distribute hydrogen from renewable energy. Furthermore, their vision is all about “Empowering generations with clean energy forever”.

The company believes its technology allows people as well as businesses to make everyday use of hydrogen. Furthermore, Nel ASA is a global company dedicated to hydrogen. They serve industries, energy as well as gas companies with comprehensive hydrogen technology.

Nel ASA was established back in 1927. Since then, they have had a proud history of development as well as continuous improvement of hydrogen technologies. Currently, their hydrogen solutions cover the entire value chain from hydrogen production technologies to hydrogen fueling stations. 

Therefore, this enables other industries to transition to green hydrogen as well as provides all fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast dueling as well as long ranges as fossil-fueled vehicles. All this without any emissions.

Nonetheless, Nel ASA is the first company to become the first 100 percent dedicated hydrogen company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Furthermore, the company has also acquired H2 Logic, adding world-leading hydrogen fueling technology to the product portfolio. In 2016, the company initiated the construction of the world’s largest manufacturing plant for hydrogen fueling stations. The station had a capacity of 300 units per year. Moreover, in 2017, Nel ASA acquired Proton OnSite. Therefore, its inclusion as world-leading PEM electrolysis technology to the product portfolio. This led the company to become the world’s largest electrolyzer company.

  • Founded: 1927
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: 221
  • Projects: Various Projects Completed
  • Sector: Bioenergy
  • Specialties: Hydrogen from renewable energy, Water electrolyzers, hydrogen generators, as well as hydrogen fueling equipment
  • Significant Feats: Acquired Proton OnSite, Constructed World’s largest plant for hydrogen fueling stations, as well as Acquired H2 Logic
  • Website:


6. OWEC Tower As

Following up on our list of Top Renewable Energy Companies in Norway is OWEC Tower AS. OWEC Tower AS develops as well as constructs substructures for offshore wind power. Furthermore, the company offers jacket foundations for offshore wind turbines. However, the company markets its products as well as services internationally to wind power developers.

Moreover, the company is also recognized as a technology company that offers design solutions for offshore substructures in the renewable energy sector. The company operates through world-leading technology as well as special offshore wind foundations competence. Furthermore, it maintains a wide as well as experienced network, including yards, contractors as well as installation companies.

OWEC Tower AS was established in Bergen, Norway in 2004. Currently, the company has recorded that it has installed over 88 foundations that equate to an installed power of 484 megawatts (MW). Therefore, we can say that the company has contributed to renewable energy in Norway.

The company’s main product is the OWEC Quattropod which is a complete wind turbine substructure. This is especially suitable for larger turbines, deeper water as well as demanding soil conditions. The innovative design of OWEC QuattroPod is based on 40 years of offshore structural design experience. 

  • Founded: 2004
  • Headquarter: Bergen, Norway
  • No of employees: more than 40.000 employees in over 30 countries 
  • Projects: Various projects regarding Wind farm as well as offshore jackets completed,
  • Sector: Offshore wind power
  • Specialties: designing and developing wind farms as well as OWEC Quattropod wind farm product
  • Significant Feats: Designed solutions for offshore substructures, supported by strong financial industry owners, designing and developing offshore wind farms, offshore jackets, and more
  • Website:


7. Aibel

When it comes to the oil, gas as well as offshore wind industries, Aibel is recognized as one of the leading service companies. The company provides optimal as well as innovative solutions to its customers within engineering, construction, modifications as well as maintenance throughout a project’s entire life cycle.

Furthermore, the company has marked its presence in Norway as well as South East Asia. More to add, the company operates two modern yards in Haugesund as well as in Thailand. Moreover, Aibel has provided its services for more than a century and has high expertise in related fields. 

Aibel offers all customers continuity, coherence as well as sustained high quality from the first sketch to the finished project. Furthermore, the company offers a full range of EPC services. This includes FEEDs, management, detail engineering, procurement, fabrication services, system completion, maintenance, operational support as well as decommissioning. Moreover, the company always looks towards new technologies in regard to its services. Therefore, the way they work improves and optimizes.

  • Founded: 1987
  • Headquarter: Stavanger, Norway
  • No of employees: 4000
  • Projects: 22 large scale projects completed 
  • Sector: Oil, Gas as well as Offshore wind
  • Specialties: Modification, Field Development, Offshore wind, Haugesund yard, as well as Laem Chabang yard 
  • Significant Feats: Offices in 8 different locations, 137 years of experience, as well as a marked presence in three different countries
  • Website:



In simple words to say, SINTEF’s goal is to create the future’s energy solutions. It was established by the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in 1950. Currently, it provides jobs to people from 75 nations and has customers from over 60 countries. Furthermore, it's one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations. The company also claims to carry out several thousand projects for customers all of the large scale as well as small. 

Since the last 70 years, the company has developed solutions as well as innovation for society and customers around the globe. Therefore, making the company a world-leading research institute. Furthermore, SINTEF delivers innovation by developing knowledge as well as technologies that are brought into actual practical use.

Similarly, it is a broad, multidisciplinary research organization with international top-level expertise in the fields of technology. Moreover, also of natural sciences, medicine as well as the social sciences. Furthermore, they conduct contract R&D as a partner for the private as well as public sectors. They are also one of the largest contract research institutions in all of Europe.

Nevertheless, SINTEF offers world-leading laboratories as well as test facilities in a wide range of technological fields. Their advanced laboratories range from microelectronics as well as nanoscale technologies to the world's biggest laboratory for the multiphase transport of oil as well as gas. Not to forget to mention, the world’s largest marine laboratory.

  • Founded: Established by NTH in 1950
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: 2000 employees from 75 nations
  • Projects: Uncountable projects completed for over 3600 customers from 60 nations
  • Sector: Bioenergy, Solar energy, Wind Energy
  • Specialties: Renewable energy, Batteries, Electric power components, energy systems, hydrogen, hydropower, offshore wind, smart grids as well as solar
  • Significant Feats:3600 customers from 60 nations, employees from 75 nations, built laboratories for microelectronics, nanoscale technologies as well as building the world’s biggest laboratory for the multiphase transport of all oil and gas as well as built world’s largest marine laboratory
  • Website:



HYON is a hub for advanced and comprehensive hydrogen technology. The company offers bespoke solutions specifically designed to the clients' needs. However, the need has to be based on standardized hydrogen energy products. Furthermore, it is a joint venture company equally owned by Nel ASA, Hexagon Composites ASA, and PowerCell Sweden AB. 

In all Projects executed by HYON, the company takes on the role of the integrator of the hydrogen systems, based on the core product of their owners. While doing so, HYON with owners design as well as supply the entire hydrogen systems. Furthermore, they collaborate with the designers as well as the suppliers of related equipment as well as systems to ensure interfacing as well as total system engineering.

Similarly, HYON has special expertise when it comes to maritime as well as offshore industry. Here, they offer bunkering, tank as well as fuel supply systems, gas relief as well as vent mast systems, modular machinery space solutions as well as power plants with the integrated fuel cell, auxiliary, safety as well as automation systems.

Moreover, the company covers land-based systems, where they typically offer containerized energy systems including electrolysis, hydrogen storage as well as fuel cells producing electricity. Furthermore, HYON enables clean as well as profitable energy solutions whilst providing complete world-class hydrogen technologies. Similarly, they deliver integrated systems including renewable hydrogen production, storage distribution, dispensing as well as electricity generation by fuel cells.

  • Founded: 1927
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: Around or over 221 employees
  • Projects: Various project completed
  • Sector: Bioenergy
  • Specialties: Renewable hydrogen value chain, core hydrogen products
  • Significant Feats: Developed Zero Emission Fast Ferry (ZEFF), Completed SeaShuttle Project as well as Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub
  • Website:


10. Antec Biogas

On the 10th place on our list of Top Renewable Energy Companies in Norway sits Antec Biogas. Antec Biogas is renowned for its Innovative Biowaste Technology. The company started up in 2014 and works with regards to a next-generation bioreactor that enables rapid anaerobe decomposition as well as effective biogas production. 

Furthermore, Antec Biogas has developed a new bioreactor technology. The reactor uses a new effective process that results in an almost methane free by Product. Moreover, the bioreactor tank contains several chambers and has a large biofilm surface as well as is flexible and scalable. It uses various combinations of the substrate which include animal manure, household waste, waste from food well as waste from the fish industry, and sewage sludge.

Similarly, the company claims to deliver both complete biogas plants as well as individual bioreactors that can replace the use of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the goal of Antec Biogas is to become a leading supplier of green energy internationally. The company believes choosing them will result in a profit, engaging as well as environmentally friendly.  

Nevertheless, Antec Biogas are winners of the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2016. Therefore, Antec Biogas is one of the main players when it comes to biomass as well as bioenergy thereby contributing to renewable energy in Norway.

  • Founded: 2014
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: Around 19 employees
  • Projects: Various project completed 
  • Sector: Bioenergy
  • Specialties: Biogas solution as well as the production of biogas
  • Significant Feats: Winners of the Bioenergy Innovation Award 2016, Developed Biogas solution as well as Produced Biogas
  • Website:


11. REC Group

REC Group was founded in 1996 and its main headquarter resides in Norway. Furthermore, the company has manufactured over 38 million solar panels to this date. Nonetheless, they also have produced 10 gigawatts (GW) of energy as well as powered more than 16 million homes. The company’s product quality, company reliability as well as a commitment to sustainability makes them the ideal brand for everyone's solar investment. It doesn’t matter whether it's residential, commercial, or utility-scale.

The company is an international pioneering solar energy company that is dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable solar power in order to facilitate global energy transitions. Furthermore, it offers photovoltaic modules with leading high quality, backed by a comprehensive low warranty claims rate of less than 100ppm.

Currently, REC Group has over 2000 employees as well as has an annual solar panel capacity of 1.8 GW. Furthermore, the company has a portfolio with over 10 GW installed worldwide. Nonetheless, the company is a Bluestar Elkem company and has its main headquarters in Norway as well as in other countries such as Singapore, North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Furthermore, the company is an international pioneer in solar energy with Scandinavian heritage. The company says its commitment to partnership is supported by its mission, values, and vision. Moreover, the company hosts as well as attends multiple events around the world that give everyone a first-hand look towards some of their premium solar panels and value-adding tools for solar installers.

  • Founded: 1996
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: Over 2000 employees
  • Projects: various projects completed 
  • Sector: Solar Power
  • Specialties: Solar panels for home, business, as well as power plants
  • Significant Feats: Manufactured over 38 million solar panels till date, produced over 10 GW of clean energy as well as powered over 16 million homes
  • Website:


12. Fred Olsen Ocean

Fred Olsen Ocean Ltd. is the parent company for Fred Olsen related companies that are active in the offshore renewable industry. Fred Olsen Wincarrier, Global Wind Service (GWs) as well as Universal Foundation are some of the Fred Olsen related companies. Furthermore, Fred Olsen related companies are capable of drawing on the strength of each company to provide their clients with an integrated solution for the offshore wind industry. 

Moreover, the company believes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of their business. They are dedicated to making a positive contribution to communities by being good employers whilst minimizing environmental impacts. Currently, the company acquires 50 percent ownership in the United WInd Logistics GmbH (UWL), acquired 75.5 percent share in Global Wind Services as well as acquired 82 percent stake in Universal Foundation.

The Fred Olsen Ocean Ltd was established in 1993 but under the name of First Olsen Tankers Ltd which later was changed into First Olsen Ltd. However, in 2014, the company changed its name to Fred Olsen Ocean Ltd. Furthermore the company has its offices in Hamilton, Bermuda and an operational headquarter in Oslo, Norway. Nonetheless, the company is wholly owned by the Norwegian stock-listed company Bonheur ASA. 

Fred Olsen Ocean’s main activity relates to a variety of operations, services as well as products in both on and off-shore wind as well as technical marine services. Currently, the company has over 800 employees with around 60 employees at the Oslo, Norway operational headquarter. Fred Olsen Ocean Ltd is contributing to renewable energy in Norway from everywhere possible whilst being one of the largest renewable energy companies in Norway.

  • Founded: 1993
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: More than 800 employees
  • Projects: Various projects completed
  • Sector: Offshore wind energy 
  • Specialties: On and offshore wind services, products as well as operations, technical marine services
  • Significant Feats: Acquired 50 percent ownership in United Wind Logistics, Acquired 75.5 percent share in Global Wind Services, Acquired 82 percent share in Universal Foundation
  • Website:


13. Kube Energy

Kube Energy provides clean, reliable as well as affordable energy in hard-to-reach as well as in fragile areas. Furthermore, the company supplies electricity from off-grid energy solutions so communities, government agencies, businesses as well as organizations can access clean energy, reduce energy costs, and streamline operations. Therefore, lowering carbon emissions.

Furthermore, the company provides renewable energy services to communities, government agencies, internal organizations as well as businesses operating mainly in the African continent. Their team brings extensive experience with international organizations as well as technical expertise on renewable energy.

The company believes that advances in renewable energy technology will revolutionize access to energy in areas where power grids are unreliable or non-existence. Furthermore, their mission is to make this technology available through simple solutions and in doing so, promoting access to low carbon energy as well as supporting climate-resilient development. 

Kube Energy was officially established in Norway in 2015 as well as has offices in Oslo, Nairobi, Geneva as well as Juba. Their team brings more than 50 years of experience in humanitarian aid, peacebuilding, development as well as technical expertise in renewable energy. Furthermore, they have a portfolio of working with Local Governments, the United Nations, the World Bank, NGOs, and the private sector. 

The working portfolio further extends with working experience with countries such as Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, DRC, Kenya, Mali, Philippines, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan as well as South Sudan. 

  • Founded: 2015
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees:
  • Projects: Various projects completed around the globe
  • Sector: Solar power
  • Specialties: Power Purchase Agreement, energy Services Agreement, Lease To own services
  • Significant Feats: Working portfolio with the like of countries such as Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, DRC, Kenya, Mali, Philippines, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan as well as South Sudan, Offices in Oslo, Nairobi, Geneva, and Juba, portfolio of working with Local Governments, the United Nations, World Bank, NGOs as well as the private sector and more
  • Website:



NIDECO’s vision is to contribute significantly to the use of Sustainable Energy. Therefore, it developed countries as well as thereby contributes positively to sustainable development health as well as the combat of climate change. 

Furthermore, their mission is to provide Sustainable Energy solutions in existing markets as well as to develop markets where none exist. Moreover, they offer scalable solutions based on solar, bio as well as other renewable energy resources. Therefore, providing free power and light, hot water, clean cooking gas, waste treatment, fuel as well as fertilizer. 

Where there are no markets, NIDECO offers to develop local markets for widespread Sustainable Energy thereby making its usability a reality also for the poor people. Furthermore, they provide products as well as solutions to people, the commercial sector as well as to the industry. 

NIDECO was established in the year 2014 in the month of February in Oslo, Norway. Since then the company has been doing entrepreneurship training and Sustainable energy product sales as well as business development in a number of African countries. Furthermore, the company builds trust in Finance by being cost-conscious as well as striving constantly to achieve good results with small resources. 

Currently, NIDECO provides products, services as well as a solution like Solar lamps, Solar Systems, Solar heaters, Biogas plants and equipment, Clean cooking stoves, gasification system, biomass power plant, combined heat and power, Biofuel production, hybrid solutions for the telecom sector, hydropower systems, various wind power solutions. 

  • Founded: February 2014
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: 2756
  • Projects: various projected completed in Ghana, Nigeria, also regarding waste and solar energy for hotels, waste to energy for food producers, clean cookstoves as well s Bio-plastic pellets
  • Sector: Bioenergy, wind power, solar power
  • Specialties: Solar lamps, Solar Systems, Solar heaters, Biogas plants and equipment, Clean cooking stoves, gasification system, biomass power plant, combined heat and power, Biofuel production, hybrid solutions for the telecom sector, hydropower systems, various wind power solutions 
  • Significant Feats: Developed a wide range of products, services as well as solutions, completed various projects in Africa as well as gave entrepreneurship training
  • Website:


15. AFRY

Last but not least in our list of Top Renewable energy companies in Norway comes AFRY. AFRY is an international engineering, design as well as advisory company. The company supports its clients to progress in sustainability as well as digitalization. Furthermore, it has 17,000 devoted experts within related fields of infrastructure, industry as well as energy, operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations.

Moreover, the company’s mission is to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society whilst making a better future. Furthermore, they are dedicated to engineering as well as design sustainable solutions. AFRY operates across the globe and has offices in 40 countries. Therefore, it connects technologies to create progress for their clients. 

Nonetheless, they believe that change happens when people with brave ideas come together to change something. They want to be a company that allows people to grow individually as well as a team. At their company, they encourage their global network of experts to actively share their expertise through the insights section of their website.

Furthermore, AFRY and Gapminder share a common goal. They identify misconceptions as well as to raise awareness. When it comes to the major challenges of our time whilst making the world a better place. AFRY provides services such as Management consulting, Technical Advisory Consulting Services, Architecture And Design, Engineering Services, Project Management Services, Operational Services, Environment, as well as Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) studies thereby gives so much to the scenario of renewable energy in Norway. 

  • Founded: 1895
  • Headquarter: Oslo, Norway
  • No of employees: 17,000 employees in 40 countries
  • Projects: Various projects complete through 40 countries
  • Sector: All-round Renewable Energy
  • Specialties: Management consulting, Technical Advisory Consulting Services, Architecture And Design, Engineering Services, Project Management Services, Operational Services, Environment, as well as Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) studies. 
  • Significant Feats: Has offices in 40 countries, provide all-round renewable energy solution and more
  • Website:


Role of Hydropower in Norway in Energy Management? 

In Norway, almost 99 percent of all power is generated through hydropower. Despite achieving the highest heights in hydropower, Norway further plans to continue developing its hydropower resources in near future. Currently, the average age of hydropower and dams in the country is around 46 years. Therefore, refurbishments and upgrades are a must for the country whilst keeping environmental improvements in mind.

Furthermore, the Norwegian power system benefits from an integrated open electricity market. This is shared with the likes of countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania as well as Latvia. Moreover, Norway is also interconnected with a large number of other countries via (DC) high-voltage direct current transmission lines. The transmission lines go from Sweden to Germany, Poland as well as Lithuania. Netherlands and Russia are directly connected with Norway’s DC line while Finland is connected to Estonia as well as Russia.

Image source: Modor Intelligence

However, Norwegian TSO Statnett has already granted a license to build interconnectors to Germany and the UK. This means each country will be commenced 1,400 MW of energy. Furthermore, Norway and the UK have announced plans to build the world’s longest submarine high-voltage cable for the export of Norwegian hydropower. Moreover, the plans to export Norwegian hydropower to Germany are also done. This implies the export opposition for Norwegian hydropower thereby generating huge revenue. 

Moreover, hydropower is renewable, clean, reliable, flexible as well as can serve many generations with local resources. Therefore, it costs very little and makes it super affordable. Nevertheless, hydropower processes no air pollutants and is the lowest GreenHouse Gases emissions thereby making it the best friend of the environment.

The role of hydropower in Norway in Energy Management is larger than anyone can think. Furthermore, it has the largest share when it comes to the total percentage of renewable energy in Norway. It can serve the country’s citizens with low-cost energy as well as generate revenue with export to other countries. Therefore, the economy of the country rises along with the development. 


How much renewable energy does Norway use?

Normally, the consumption of renewable energy in Norway fluctuates with temperature as well as production with regard to water inflow and wind conditions. During the beginning of the 1990s, the Norwegian power supply system had surplus energy. In the early 2000s, the consumption rate was very high, thereby resulting in the reduction of power surplus.

After the 2008-2009 financial crisis of Norway, production skyrocketed. Therefore, the consumption was weaker and the production was higher. The scenario stayed the same in the year 2009/2010 as well as in 2010/2011. However, the difference between mean annual production capacity as well as consumption has varied from 5 to 11 TWh per year.


In 2019, the country recorded to consume 91,240 kWh of renewable energy. Whereas at their starting point, the country consumed 55,467 kWh of renewable energy. We can clearly see the hike in the consumption of renewable energy in Norway. When calculated in 2019, the average person consumes almost 91,240 kWh of renewable energy per capita. 

However, according to, Norway has a total consumption of 122.20 billion kWh of electric energy per year. This is an average of 22,850 kWh Per capita. Norway’s per capita number is larger than Europe's per capita which is just 5,925.27 kWh. The total generation of all-electric energy-producing facilities is 148 billion kWh, which is overall 121 percent of the country's own usage.

Along with pure consumption the production, the country further exports its renewable energy to other countries. Well, Norway's Renewable energy percentage is very impressive.

Source: World



Image Source: Vidar Nordli-mathisen(Unsplash)

Norway’s dominance in renewable energy has already become an example to the rest of the world. Furthermore, their offshore wind farms and solar farms are about to showcase the technology that can blend in nature to produce clean energy.

The country could have stayed quiet after becoming the largest hydropower nation in Europe. But the country decided to further develop and utilize its local resources to produce more clean energy. This clearly shows the strong mindset and will for clean energy the country has got.

Furthermore, the country has a pure consumption to production rate and exports clean energy to other countries. Therefore, results in the rise of the economy and revenue. Norway is not using its clean energy to itself but exporting it to other countries as well as motivating them to use clean energy rather than fossil energy. 

To be more environmentally friendly, the country had set a target to run 50,000 electric vehicles on their roads by 2017. Norway achieved this two years before their set target date. Furthermore, electric vehicles are aided in part by tax breaks that have made them more affordable for average consumers as well. Therefore, the number of electric vehicles running on roads has increased by 40 percent this year and the number stands at more than 200,000.

Moreover, Norway is targeting to have all newly registered cars by zero emissions that are either electric or hydrogen-powered in just six years of time. Currently, seeing the renewable scenario in Norway, the country might also achieve this target before the set target date. However, Norway is proving to be a prime example to the rest of the world that when you mix smart thinking with even smarter and advanced technology along with the support of the government to make big changes that good things are bound to happen fast.

Lastly, let’s take a good look at all the top renewable energy companies in Norway.


Renewable Energy Companies in Norway






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