Top 15 Renewable Energy Company in Germany

Top 15 Renewable Energy Company in Germany

Top 15 Renewable Energy Company in Germany

Germany is one of the leading economies in the world and with Germany’s Energiewende (“energy transition”), the country has also become a world leader in renewable energy development. 

Germany is also often considered the world’s first major renewable energy economy and many renewable energy companies in Germany have helped this transition over the last decades, with the help of best practice policy and innovations in technology. They have an ambitious target as part of their 15 years plan and by 2030, they aim to produce two-thirds of the country’s power from renewable sources, half of which will come from solar and wind energy.

To make it possible, Germany and its renewable energy companies will have to constantly work to improve technologies that help integrate the variable renewables along with innovative business models to improve power-grid flexibility. 

The Energiewende remains a long-term, evolving process. As Germany strives to build one of the world’s most energy-efficient, sustainable, low-carbon economies, the next steps could show the world how a large system operates with unprecedented shares of renewables.


What are the Major Sources of Renewable Energy in Germany? 

                                    Image Source:  Sebastien Gabriel (Unsplash)

The major source of Renewable energy in Germany include wind, solar, and biomass.  mainly based on wind, solar, and biomass. Germany is the world’s third country by installed wind power capacity while also having one of the world’s largest photovoltaic installed capacity. 

As of 2017, Wind Power contributed to 17.5% of total power generation, followed by 7.6% solar power and 8.8% by biomass. Hydroelectricity also contributed to 3.7% of power generation. Other sources of renewable energy in Germany include geothermal energy and waste incineration. 

Now, that we have an insight into the renewable energy sources in Germany, let us dive into the renewable energy companies in Germany which are generating clean and green energy from these sources. 

List of Top 15 Renewable Energy Companies in Germany

1. ABO Wind

ABO Wind is a renewable energy company in Germany innovating renewable solar/wind projects in a full cycle from idea to financing, site acquisition, and construction to long term technical and commercial operational management.

With 20 years of expertise and work ethic uniting idealism, realism, and expertise, ABO Wind is currently working internationally on solar/wind power projects in 15 different countries for a larger picture: global climate protection.

It further forecasts annual new business to the tune of one to two gigawatts on average across the association and various technologies.

  • Founded: 1996
  • Headquarters: Germany
  • Number of employees: 676
  • Sector: Wind, Solar, and Biogas
  • Specialties: wind energy, renewable energy, construction, wind turbines, wind farm, project development, operational management, photovoltaics, solar energy, off-grid solutions, renewables, solar farm, EPC, O&M, grid connection, engineering, and construction
  • Website:


2. EnviTec Biogas

EnviTec is a Germany based biogas plant operator and technology supplier known for pioneering work in the development of new technologies with competence and proficiency.It stands on 15 years of experience providing biological support services to plants with a total installed capacity of over 127MW by deploying standardized methods oriented on current standards.

Besides, EnviTec biogas offers a comprehensive description of the condition of the plant with the recommendation to extemporize it.

  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: Lohne, Germany
  • Number of employees: 433
  • Sector: Biogas
  • Notable feats: listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as a stock corporation
  • Website:


3. CropEnergies

CropEnergies, a member of Südzucker Group, and one of the renewable energy companies in Germany, that manufactures renewable ethanol with a production capacity of 1.3 million m3 per year. Apart from that, the company also produces animal feed products and neutral alcohol for beverages, cosmetics, and several other applications. 

Founded in 2006 in Mannheim, Germany, this company is currently operated by around 450 employees. The major priority of the company is to provide the customers with safe and quality products while growing profitably fulfilling their social and environmental duties. The goal of the company is to prove its reliability in the market and thus, functions accordingly.

  • Founded: May 2006
  • Headquarters: Mannheim, Germany
  • Number of employees: 450
  • Sector: Biogas
  • Specialties: ethanol production, animal feed, neutral alcohol
  • Significant feats: Production capacity of 1.3 million m3 per year
  • Website:


4. Solytic

Solytic is an international data-driven company based on power plants. Founded in September 2017, Solytic is a Berlin-based startup that fundamentally targets to optimize the all-around management of PV plants by installing an interconnected value chain. The major goal is to change and digitalize the solar energy industry. The products of Solytic support the growth of solar by translating the data of PV plants into actionable and profitable insights.

They help improve the all-round performance of PV plants by connecting with Solytic’s monitoring by receiving data-driven advice. 

  • Founded: September 2017
  • Headquarters: Erlangen, Germany
  • Number of employees: ~50
  • Sector: Solar
  • Specialties: solar energy, PV energy, incident detection, monitoring, AI, SaaS, IoT
  • Significant feats: Monitoring of nearly 100,000 PV plants
  • Website:


5. Siemen energy

Siemen energy is one of the sectors of Siemens,  which is the largest manufacturing company in Europe. And, Siemen energy is a well-known name among the renewable energy companies in Germany. Accredited to be a world leader in the energy industry, Siemen energy generates and delivers power from natural gases, renewable and alternative energies. The company is responsible for more than one-sixth of global electricity generation. It holds either the first or second market position in most of its businesses.

  • Founded: January 1, 2008
  • Headquarters: Erlangen, Germany
  • Number of employees: 91 thousand
  • Sector: Power generation, renewable energy
  • Significant feats: Extend life cycles and reduce cost in the industrial application of fuels.
  • Website:


6. Sunfire company

Sunfire is a leading renewable energy company in Germany that not only produces energy but also ensures it is eco-friendly. It works on substituting renewable energy in place of fossil fuels. The company has developed an innovative and highly efficient way to transform the power of renewable two carbon-neutral chemical energy gases and liquids such as hydrogen, e-crude.

It is an exemplary company working on making the world a better and cleaner place.

  • Founded: 2010
  • Headquarter: Bremen, Germany
  • Significant feats: Innovation that transforms the power of renewable electricity in two carbon-neutral gases and liquids. 


7. Ecoligo 

Ecoligo is a Germany-based solar service company that provides commercial, industrial, agricultural businesses in up and coming markets with necessary funds for solar projects through crowd investment. Their main objective is to generate renewable energy for a better environment, reduce dependency on conventionally produced electricity, and lower the energy cost in such businesses.  

Being founded in 2016, Ecoligo has already raised 3.94 million in funds, done 47 projects in 4 different countries like Vietnam, Ghana, Kenya, and Costa Rica where they have been able to provide cheap and reliable solar energy. They are now expanding their horizon to more developing countries for optimization of sustainable resources. Their main goal is to encourage people to make sustainable investments and slowly transition to renewable energy globally.  

  • Founded: 2016 
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany 
  • Notable feats: 7MW installed, 134,184 tonnes of CO2 savings  
  • Sector: Renewable energy production (solar energy), supporting developing businesses 
  • No of employees: 25 
  • Website:


8. ETIP bioenergy 

ETIP bioenergy was established in 2016 as a successor organization of the European Biofuel Technology Platforms (EBTP) to manufacture innovative world-class bioenergy and biofuels chains with the aim of strengthening a healthy bioenergy industry in Europe. Managed with a public-private partnership, the ETIP Bioenergy gives more emphasis on research and consensus of expert stakeholders with the motive of producing cost-competitive and sustainably sourced bioenergy. 

ETIP Bioenergy, recognized as a formal interlocutor by the European Commission has been contributing to SET plan activities, updating the Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas (SRIA), assisting the European Commission in their research programs, and also identifying barriers to the innovation of the energy market such as mobilizing investments, demonstration activities, training, etc.  

The mission of ETIP bioenergy is to accelerate the deployment of biofuels in the European Union such as to gain momentum in overcoming the crisis of non-renewable sources of energy.  

  • Founded: 2016 
  • Headquarters: Bruxelles, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale 
  • Notable feats: Officially recognized by the European Commission as the main interlocutor for DG-RTD in the bioenergy sector to implement the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan 
  • Sector: biofuels, biomass, bioenergy 
  • Specialty: sustainable energies, advanced fuels, feedstock upgrading, biofuels facilities, EU bioenergy market, sustainability, H2020, DG RTD, and EC 
  • No of employees: 51-200 
  • Website:


9. Nordex Wind Power

Started in Denmark, Nordex Wind Power is a renewable energy company in Germany with its factories and subsidiaries around the globe including Spain, Brazil, USA, India, Argentina, and Mexico. 

Nordex Wind power is one of the largest companies in the world that designs, sells, and manufactures wind turbines. Besides, the manufacturing and sales, they also offer customized service for wind turbines globally ensuring hassle-free operations. 

With decades of experience in designing, constructing, and operating wind turbines they produce multi-megawatt wind turbines, which are highly efficient for onshore use. They have 2 major products: THe AW-300 platform(horizontal shaft wind turbine) and the Delta 4000 platform(more flexible with grid stabilizing system) which are customizable and useful worldwide. 

  • Founded: 1985 
  • Headquarters: Rostock, Germany
  • Notable feats: The first company to mass-produce 1MW turbine (1995)
  • Sector: Wind 
  • Specialty: Manufacturer of highly efficient large-scale onshore turbines 
  • No of employees: 5000+



LANDWARME is a renewable energy company in Germany that is set on the mission to make Europe’s Grass Green by pioneering in the biomethane sector with up to 25% of the total market share.

Landwarme provides services spanning the entire biomethane value chain from biomethane production to project development to trading and consulting. Their comprehensive, innovative, sustainable, and interdisciplinary approach allows them to cater to environment-friendly renewable energy demand for profitability and efficiency. 

The company along with its partners all over Europe provides for various clients in the electricity, fuel, and heating sectors. 

  • Founded: 2007 
  • Headquarters: Munchen, Bayern
  • Notable feats: Market leader in Europe with 25% of market share in biomethane
  • Sector: Bio 
  • Specialty: Biomethane production, supply, consultation, and trading
  • No of employees: 50+


11. German biofuels

German biofuels Gmbh is a renewable energy company in Germany that is known for its high-quality standard biofuels product. They produce top-quality biodiesel and vegetable oil from certified sustainable resources. They produce and sell biodiesel for the mineral industry and are known for their inexpensive, low-emission solutions suitable for everyday use.

The major products of German biofuels include biodiesel produced from rapeseed and other cooking/vegetable oil. The production of rapeseed oil yields a by-product called rapeseed cake which is used mainly as feed for livestock. Moreover, in biodiesel production, other byproducts include Technical glycerin which is useful for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Gbf’s laboratory works closely with their production unit to constantly monitor and improve the quality of the products while they also focus on growing the rapeseed and rapeseed oil sustainably to further their commitment to a greener future for all. 

  • Founded: 1 April 2011
  • Headquarters: Munchen, Bayern
  • Notable feats: 130,000 tons of biodiesel production, 44,000 tons of rapeseed oil, 88,000 tons of rapeseed cake, and 13,000 tons of technical glycerin produced annually
  • Sector: Bio 
  • Specialty: biodiesel, rapeseed cake, technical glycerin, potassium sulphate
  • No of employees: 55
  • Website:


12. Weltec biopower

WELTEC BIOPOWER GmbH is a German renewable energy company that is a global leader in the field of stainless-steel biogas plant construction. Having planned, developed, and built anaerobic digestion plants since 2001, the company has more than 300 energy plants in 25 countries with a distribution and service network spanning six continents. 

They build custom-tailored design and technically mature solutions with the use of stainless steel for customers in agriculture, food, waste, and water industries.  Their unique approach allows them to consistently provide high-quality standards while also being fast and economic in assembly.

The company also provides additional support biologically and mechanically after the plant has been installed to ensure highly efficient operations. It also has a subsidiary, Nordmethan, which operates biomethane plants and provides heat through energy contracting. 

  • Founded: 2001
  • Headquarters: Vechta, Niedersachsen 
  • Notable feats: Sector: Bio 
  • Specialty: Biogas plants made from Stainless steel, waste to energy biogas plants, Anaerobic Digestion, Upgrading Systems
  • No of employees: 50+


13. Suncrafter 

SunCrafter GmbH is a renewable energy company in Germany that creates flexible and low-cost solutions for sustainable cities with a focus on off-grid power. 

They are known for providing off-grid power solutions for urban e-mobility infrastructure, green events, and plug & play solar home systems for remote communities. Moreover, they also give industrial PV a second life by testing it and upcycling it, helping reduce PV waste which is set to increase drastically due to the higher cost of testing and restoring than replacing it.

Suncrafter has integrated itself into a broad spectrum including festivals and events which has helped introduce the concepts of renewable energy into everyday life. They believe in initiating sustainable activities before it's too late and impacts the poorer countries. Suncrafter is dedicated to helping achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 7) 

  • Founded: 2019
  • Headquarters: Berlin 
  • Notable feats: Sector:  
  • Specialty: Off-grid power, Charging Stations, Up-cycling & recycling,  Events & Festivals
  • No of employees: 50+
  • Website: 


14. Schmack 

Schmack Biogas Service GmbH is a leading biogas energy company in Germany with over 20 years of experience in construction, maintenance, operation, and optimization of biogas plants. They also offer gas processing solutions including technical and biological services. Schmack mainly engages in the installation of agricultural plants and industrial gas feed-in plants covering technical microbiological, logistics, raw material management, and more. 

They also supply various components such as agitators, feeding systems, horizontal and vertical paddle agitators.  Schmack provides every operator, be it a farmer, municipal utility, or energy supplier the ability to design customized services according to their needs and requirements. Schmack Biogas and Schmack Biogas Service are companies of the Viessmann Group.

  • Founded: 1995
  • Headquarters: Schwandorf, Germany
  • Notable feats: Sector:  
  • Specialty: Off-grid power, Charging Stations, Up-cycling & recycling,  Events & Festivals
  • No of employees: 50+
  • Website: 


15. German Academy for renewable energy and environmental technology

Different from the other renewable energy companies in Germany and listed above, The German Academy for renewable energy and environmental technology helps train students and professionals to become experts by preparing them for the rapidly growing fields of renewable energy, sustainability, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly technologies. 

The German academy collaborates with various German and international universities as well as German renewable energy companies enabling the trainees to discuss and learn their topics of interest with experts, manufacturers, and business partners.  They attract students and professionals around the world who wish to upskill their knowledge as well as fulfill their academic credit. Moreover, the company also organizes seminars for businesses, non-profit, public, and academic sectors.

Their elaborate network is also useful for investors who wish to establish contacts with renewable energy companies in Germany and Europe. 

  • Founded: 2011 
  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Notable feats: Official Project for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development”
  • Sector:  
  • Specialty: Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Photovoltaic, BioEnergy, Solar Thermal, Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), Eco-friendly Technologies, Water Management & Recycling, Further Education and Training Programs, and Managing Conferences and Events - Planning Abroad
  • No of employees: 50+
  • Website:


How much renewable energy is produced by Germany’s renewable energy company? 

                                Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

Renewable Energy Companies in Germany like Enercon, Nordex, Repower, Siemens, have made Germany’s renewable energy sector one of the most innovative and successful worldwide. 

The renewable energy companies in Germany have been even more active in the recent year accounting for 55.8 percent of Germany’s net electricity generation in the first half of 2020 (ISE 2020). The majority of electricity generation came from Solar and Wind energy with a total of 102.9 TWh in the first 6 months. Altogether, total renewable energy production from all sources in the first half of 2020 (wind, solar, hydro, and biomass) was around 136.1 TWH compared to 125.6 TWh in the same time last year. (IEEFA.ORG)

Similarly, in the case of Germany’s renewable energy consumption, the three main sectors were electricity(31.5% of total), heating(13.3% of total), and transportation(5.3% of total) 

The share of renewable electricity rose from just 3.4% of gross electricity consumption in 1990 to exceed 10% by 2005 and reaching 46.3% of consumption in 2019 uses.


Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash

As the world’s first major renewable energy economy in the world, Germany is leading the way for a sustainable future for all. Similarly, the renewable energy companies in Germany listed above, and others not mentioned in the list are constantly innovating technologies for mass distribution and access to clean and green energy for all. 

The rapid inclusion of renewable energy as part of the economy is an example for countries all around the world to shift their economy to the cleaner and greener side. These renewable energy companies are not only producing clean energy but also creating job opportunities in the green sector. 

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