Development and life cycle assessment of an auto circulating bio-electrochemical reactor for energy positive continuous wastewater treatment
  • Author:
    Abhilasha S. Mathuriya, Moonmoon Hiloidhari, Pramod Gware, Anoop Singh, Deepak Pant
  • Abstract:

    Bioelectrochemical systems like microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are quaint systems known to metamorphose the chemical energy of organic matter into electrical energy using catalytic activity of microorganisms. 

    A novel continuous Auto Circulating Bio-Electrochemical Reactor (AutoCirBER) was developed to fulfil the gap of ‘simple, inexpensive and compact design’ that can continuously treat larger amount of organic wastewater at shorter residence time and without consuming external energy for liquid mixing. AutoCirBER eliminated the need for external agitation for liquid-mixing and therefore, energy requirements. AutoCirBER was operated in continuous-mode and hydraulic retention time was optimized. The reactor underwent performance check-up viz. COD removal, net power output, columbic efficiency, sludge generation and an attributional life cycle assessment (LCA) was also conducted. 

    AutoCirBER was sustainable to run in continuous-mode and showed more than 90.4% of COD removal, and 59.55 W.h net annual energy recovery. Experimental LCA of AutoCirBER also displays its environmental feasibility in longer run.

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    Bioresource Technology
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    Research Article
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