Microalgae at niches of bioelectrochemical systems: A new platform for sustainable energy production coupled industrial effluent treatment
  • Author:
    Surajbhan Sevda, Vijay Kumar Garlapati, Swati Sharma, Sourish Bhattacharya, Sandhya Mishra, T.R. Sreekrishnan, Deepak Pant
  • Abstract:

    Bioelectrochemical system represents a novel technology where the microbial catalytic reaction occurs at bioanode and results in bioelectricity generation from waste and renewable biomass. 

    At the current stage, fossil-based fuel is depleting, so newly sustainable form of renewable energy resources is required, where algal-based biofuel generation provides a new source of energy along with sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which in turn decreases the global warming issues. This review emphasizes the potential applications of microalgae-based bioelectrochemical systems for renewable power generation, wastewater treatment, CO2 sequestration and value-added products. 

    Moreover, this critical review also highlights the current developments in microalgal MFC integrated systems by discussing the current potential challenges and drawbacks.

  • Journal:
    Bioresource Technology Reports
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  • Sector:
    Biomass and Biowaste    Bioenergy and Biofuel   
  • Publication Type:
    Review Article
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