Sustainable utilization of crop residues for energy generation: A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective
  • Author:
    Shiv Prasad, Anoop Singh, Nicholas E. Korres, Dheeraj Rathore, Surajbhan Sevda, Deepak Pant
  • Abstract:

    Modernization in the crop cultivation and development of high yielding varieties resulted in increased crop residues. A large portion of crop residues is not handled appropriately, which leads to environmental burden on society. The crop residues are rich in organic substances, which can be better utilized for various purposes, including energy generation. The utilization of crop residues for energy generation has partially contributed to resolve the inappropriate handling practices, thus reducing their environmental impacts.

    Life cycle assessment (LCA) is used as a tool to investigate environmental sustainability and can be explored to integrate with social and economic effects to quantify environmental impacts for energy generation from crop residues.

    This review will provide a comprehensive understanding on LCA inference for decision support to policy-makers and different relevant choices to various applications for sustainable energy generation from crop residues.

  • Journal:
    Bioresource Technology
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  • Publication Type:
    Review Article
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